FULCRUM9 (fulcrum9) wrote in davidblaine,

Why David Blaine is a “Fake magician”.

When I say David is a fake magician, what I mean is that he is a lazy fucktard who does no real tricks or illusions in even a slight capacity.
His physical stunts are pathetic and always have been.
The ice enclosure in NY (with that much open space between you and the ice it is relatively easy for even an average person to offset hypothermia for long periods of time), living in a box for a month with just water (the average human can live on just water for 60 to 80 days if they have even an average amount of body fat to burn, especially if they do not move much (*note that the majority of Londoners who commented on seeing it in person said it was stupid but they could understand the appeal for an American audience.), living in a fish bowl for a week (entirely stupid). Now this one was a rather pathetic attempt at using some very bad science behind increasing the amount of time you can spend on one breath under water that Blaine fell for hook line and sinker for. This shows just how stupid and lazy he can be to believe he could exercise his lung capacity (in a manner that takes processionals years to do) in just a week of being submerged in water. Houdini knew better.
Then Blaine couldn’t even pull off the final test of his little man/fishbowl.
He was obviously pulling at those last few strings for that one.
The last time he did a street magic video it was pure tripe he ripped of from others who had ripped it off from others years before.
He did the street levitation trick (elevate self while standing with your back facing the audience at and angle to obscure one foot to lift on) so poorly they had to cut the camera angles and shorten the segments to make it look more convincing on video.
There are so many magicians who actually do something NEW these days and a lazy half assed idiot like Blaine is treated like god’s own ass nugget by a country filled with an audience that doesn’t know any better.

Well it is about time you guys WAKE UP and smell the bullshit.
Stop admiring crap and have some taste for once.
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