Jeanine (jeanine_o) wrote in davidblaine,

Hi there, I'm new here. I love David Blaine, I actually have learned how to do a few of his tricks, i'll admit it takes away from the amazing-ness of it once you learn how easily some of his tricks are done but i still think he's a great illusionist and yeah, he's pretty damn hot too lol.

I'd just like to say in response to the biography of this community (with no means of disrespect to that person's opinion) that all magicains are "fake", Criss Angel, David Copperfield..they're magic are only illusions, but what makes someone a good magicain is their ability to pull it off convincingley. But I'll admit that I've always found it a bit annoying that David never calls himself an illusionist or admits that his magic isnt real, which it obvioulsy isn't. Oh well, what can ya do.
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